Do you feel like you've reached a critical point where something has to give? Moving at your own pace, without judgement, I’ll provide a safe place for you to articulate, express and work through whatever you’re experiencing. Most importantly, I’ll help you feel you are not alone in your pain.

Using an integrative approach tailored to your needs, we’ll look at patterns and past experiences that may be holding you back. We’ll also re-discover and celebrate existing strengths that help drive you forward. We’ll find practical strategies and develop hands-on tools to help you build more of the life you want.  

I believe in our innate capacity for resilience and transformation and have had success helping my clients find more balance and ease in their lives. 


I can help you: 

• Navigate major life decisions and transitions
• Work through depression and feeling stuck
• Manage stress, anxiety and panic attacks
• Process old wounds, trauma and PTSD
• Work through breakups, divorce and heartbreak
• Process grief and the loss of loved ones
• Build self-esteem and confidence
• Work through social anxiety and feeling isolated and “other”
• Manage burnout, exhaustion and secondary trauma
• Develop your identity and sense of self
• Discover a more meaningful career and direction in life